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Item Name European Market
A011-10KRH/B A011-12KRH/B A011-10KRH/B1 A011-12KRH/B1
Cooling Capacity(BTU) 10000BTU/h 12000BTU/h 10000BTU/h 12000BTU/h
Heating Capacity(BTU) 9500BTU/h 11000BTU/h 9500BTU/h 11000BTU/h
Power Supply 220-240V~50 Hz 220-240V~50 Hz 220-240V ~ 50 Hz 220-240V ~ 50 Hz
Rated Input(Cooling) 1200W 1380W 1200W 1380W
Rated Input(Heating) 1150W 1320W 1150W 1320W
Rated Current(Cooling) 5.3A 6.1A 5.3A 6.1A
Rated Current(Heating) 5.1A 5.8A 5.1A 5.8A
EER / Energetic class


2.62 2.64 2.62
COP 2.75 2.70 2.75 2.70
Refrigent R410A R410A R410A R410A
Dehumidify Capacity 40L/Day 50L/Day 40L/Day 50L/Day
Air Circulation 350 m³ /h 350 m³ /h 350 m³ /h 350 m³ /h
Noise ≤58dB(A) ≤58dB(A) ≤58dB(A) ≤58dB(A)
Body Size (mm) 325x830x370 325x830x370 325x830x370 325x830x370
Carton Size (mm) 370x956x400(375x860x528) 370x956x400(375x860x528)
Net Weight (Kg) 26 27 26 27
Gross Weight (Kg) 29 30 29 30
Application Area 12-18  ㎡ 16-22  ㎡ 12-18  ㎡ 16-22  ㎡

* EER: Class A
* Cooling capacity:10,000/12,000 BTU
* Auto motorized swing louvers
* Various LED display (for A011B) or LCD display (for A011B1) with remote control
* Compact design
* Strong winds and 2 fan speeds
* Self-evaporative system, improve cooling efficiency and save energy
* 24 hours timer
* Sleep mode
* All-directive castor for easy moving
* Enviroment friendly Refrigerant: R410A
* Heat pump/Carbon filter (optional)